EA 2005 Title Details

EA 2005 Title Details EA 2005 Title Details

During a conference call, a few days ago, EA revealed plans for 5 new titles and for 2 expansion packs for The Sims 2. All video games publishers have to reveal some of their future plans during such calls since they need to convince investors of their ability to stay competitive. These calls usually try to keep the ace hidden up the sleeve while also letting everyone know that there is one there in the first place.

During the latest such conference call, EA revealed plans for the next James Bond title which will be based on the From Russia with Love movie and will model its Bond on the star of that movie, Sean Connery. Strangely enough, in the demonstration offered by EA, Pierce Brosnan also makes an appearance although we are not certain on his exact role in the game.

The other titles mentioned included the follow-up to Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, a non sport game from former Madden developer, Tiburon and a new Command and Conquer game.

During the call EA execs also commented on Madden's jump to PS3 and exhausted a large list of superlatives while describing how amazing it looks. There was also a mention of the inevitable appearance of the popular football franchise on PSP and mobile phones.

Not many details were mentioned on the Sims 2 expansions although we know a bit about the University plans of the simoleon squandering youth.

It is obvious that EA will begin announcing more and more about 2005 release titles soon and that has become apparent, as you may be able to see, from The Sims 2 University images accompanying this news story.