EA Isn’t Making Any New Wii U Games

EA Isn’t Making Any New Wii U Games

EA is currently developing games for almost all current and next-gen gaming platforms except one: Wii U.

"We have no games in development for the Wii U currently," was the exact words of EA spokesperson Jeff Brown.

Nearly a year and half ago, EA was present on stage during Wii U’s launch event when it promised an "unprecedented partnership" with Nintendo. Of course, back then everybody was betting that Nintendo was going to repeat Wii’s unexpected and phenomenal success; a feat that looks harder with every passing day now.

EA has already released titles such as Mass Effect 3, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Madden, and FIFA on Wii U. Unfortunately, none of those titles sold enough units to justify continued platform support.

EA made a similar decision in 1999 when it decided not to release any of its popular sports games on Sega’s Dreamcast. The decision was seen as one of the main signs of Sega’s decline as a console maker, and indeed Dreamcast turned out to be the company’s last console.