EA Reducing Current-Gen Prices

EA Reducing Current-Gen Prices EA Reducing Current-Gen Prices

EA is gradually introducing a 20 per cent reduction in the debut prices of PC, XBox and PS2 games. Brand new titles such as "The Godfather" and "Black" will be introduced at the USD 39.95 price point. The news comes as publishers are coming to grips with decreased interest in PC and previous generation console titles and consumers with next-generation prices.

The first EA title to ship at this reduced debut price is Fight Night Round 3 which will retail for USD 39.95. for PS2 and XBox. As you would expect from the largest games publisher in the world it has researched the price and EA spokesman Jeff Brown said USD 39 is resonating with consumers given the transition. There are indications that USD 39 is a solid and sustainable price point.

EA has recent evidence of how a price cut can boost sales since the reduction of the price of NFS: Most Wanted from USD 49.95 to USD 39.95 on January 20 resulted in a very satisfactory increase in sales.

The launch of Microsoft's XBox 360 and the subsequent shortages coupled with the expected delay in the PS3 launch have caused some hesitation in the industry as consumers save up in order to obtain the new hardware and to cope with the high prices of next-generation titles. Most next-generation games will debut for USD 59.95.

Black is due February 28 and The Godfather is expected on March 21.