Epic Games store is adding Open reviews and wishlisting

Epic Games is expanding the feature list of the Epic Game Store with the addition of both Open Critic reviews, and wishlisting, making it easier to figure out which games you want to buy and remember them for when you get paid. Other new features include trending games, genre filters, and 3D secure support to improve privacy protections in Europe.

Although heavily in use by those already playing Fortnite, the Epic Games Store hasn't quite so enamoured the wider gaming community. Its focus on the battle royale game and its lack of usability features that many have come to expect from storefronts like Steam and GoG, meant that many people don't want to use it out of principle, while others have rejected its push for exclusive games, timed or no.

But Epic is gradually improving the functionality of its flagship store and that may slowly change people's minds about using it. After adding reviews and improved search earlier this year, Epic has now introduced Open Critic reviews, which should give a fair and varied look at how a game performs, without relying on users, who may be susceptible to brigading and review bombing.

Other new features include wishlisting, which is great for those who like to wait for sales, or who just tend to forget what it is they planned to play next. I have an extensive list of wishlist games on Steam and whenever there's a sale, I can pop in and remind myself what I was excited to get next. It's a good system, and now Epic Games Store has it too.

What new features would you like to see Epic add to the Games Store?

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