Ex-AMD Radeon head joins Intel to develop integrated graphics

Well that didn't take long. Raja Koduri, the man who until recently headed up AMD's Radeon Technology Group and helped drive the development of existing graphics technologies like the Vega RX range of graphics cards and the in-development Navi, has announced that he's moving to Intel. Just yesterday he revealed that his lengthy sabbatical would end with him leaving AMD and there was much speculation about what he would do next. Now we know.

When it was initially announced that Koduri was leaving his longtime workplace for new, potentially greener pastures, there was a lot of discussion about his reasoning. Was he being forced out because of the poor performance of Vega? Was his move part of the new deal struck between AMD and Intel to develop new, CPU and GPU combo boards?

It's very possible that the second suggestion was correct. Although Koduri won't be developing that new technology, he will be helping Intel to bolster its own integrated graphics efforts, which have always been a little behind AMD in performance, despite the chip giant dominating high-end desktop CPU performance for over a decade.

Koduri is said to be line to help, "expand Intel's leading position in integrated graphics for the PC market with high-end discrete graphics solutions for a broad range of computing segments."

It sounds like this could be the start of a new era for Intel graphics, potentially leading to it competing in entirely new markets.

"We have exciting plans to aggressively expand our computing and graphics capabilities and build on our very strong and broad differentiated IP foundation," Intel said in a statement. With Raja at the helm of our Core and Visual Computing Group, we will add to our portfolio of unmatched capabilities, advance our strategy to lead in computing and graphics, and ultimately be the driving force of the data revolution."

Do you think having a figure like Koduri on board will help propel Intel to new graphical heights?

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