EyePad Patented By Sony As PlayStation Controller

EyePad Patented By Sony As PlayStation Controller

It sure sounds like a cheap Chinese knockoff, but the "EyePad" was actually patented by Sony in Europe.

The EyePad looks like Apple’s famous iPad tablet with extra buttons on both sides. However, it is not meant to be another tablet. The EyePad is actually a new kind of PlayStation controller.

In addition to the D-Pad, buttons, analog stick, SIXAXIS motion sensors and microphone, the EyePad is equipped with two stereoscopic cameras that are able to scan objects placed on top of the controller and digitize virtual versions of them to be used in games.

The patented controller’s edges are also fitted with glowing bars so that it would be used in conjunction with Sony’s PlayStation Move motion tracking system.

But hold your horses; it might be years before a patent such as this makes it to the market. That is, if Sony decided to follow actually produce it.