Fans Discover Defective Batch of PS3s

Fans Discover Defective Batch of PS3s

Playstation 3 fans have discovered a batch of noisy PS3s, but Sony refused to fix it.

A thread on the official Playstation 3 forum complained that some of the new 60GB Playstation 3's are exhibiting high-pitched "whine" noise. You can download an audio file of the mentioned noise from the downloads page.

Some users have replaced their consoles several times, but still got the same noise. Other users who couldn't have theirs replaced, sent their units to Sony's technical support which returned it to them saying that nothing was wrong with it.

Further research done by Playstation3 fans narrowed the "whining" consoles to units with serial numbers CE133190xxx and CE133212xxx manufactured in January 2007.

Calls to Sony's Technical Support revealed that they are not aware of the problem yet.