Fary Cry 6 might add a Battle Royale mode

Fary Cry 6 might add a Battle Royale mode

Far Cry 6 is a gorgeous looking game, but it doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel. If you've played a previous Far Cry game you've probably played this one, which is why it's so intriguing that it may actually evolve into a Battle Royale game, potentially making it much more expansive and popular in one go. Hidden in the game are a number of QR codes which seem to suggest there will be some kind of survival or all vs all player mode added to the game in the future.

Far Cry 6 follows the typical open world island shooter formula of previous games. It looks absolutely stunning and it has a mix of explosive action with a so-so story. But players began noticing QR codes littered around the game's various locales, hidden inside crates an on various walls. Those codes, when scanned, appeared to show some short teaser videos of some sort of new multiplayer mode, possibly a battle royale theme, or even a survival type game mode.

Either would be a good fit for the expansive map of Far Cry 6, though how well such an expansive multiplayer experience would run considering the high demands of the game already remains to be seen.

If you want to check the codes out yourself, you'll need to use your phone to scan them and you'll be sent to an external site with videos, test, and other hints of a new game or game mode.

Which would you like to come to Far Cry if given the choice?