FIFA 2001

FIFA 2001 FIFA 2001 FIFA 2001 FIFA 2001 FIFA 2001

FIFA 2001, for the Playstation, Playstation2 and PC, will feature:
An exclusive remix of Moby's bodyrock track, part of which is included in the promo video below.
More human realism and diversity in player faces, Improved facial animation, More joints in player skeletons, Supporting player audio in Out Of Play Scripts, Next Generation of Gameplay, Defenders mark better, especially in their own half, Goalies are now more challenging and play smarter, Volumes of new animation in kicks, sprints, shots, crosses, saves, etc., Smoother transition and blending between animations, Precise contact points in player-ball collision, Natural movement in turns and speed variance.

Players show different urgency around pitch, Create dynamic, living environments, animating linesmen, Coach and sideline elements animate, New sideline geometry (3D tunnel, benches, etc.), Improved crowd textures and animation, Dramatic stadium lighting with animating shadows, Animated crowd props, Dynamic weather effects, Aggressive sound effects from pitch (kicks, collisions, player calls, whistles, etc), Emphasis on ambient environmental sounds (boos, jeers, chants, rain, splashes etc.), Visually impacting, cinematic "In the game" experience, New gameplay cameras and F/X, Choreographed lighting, Over the top audio support synchronised with impacting,

Authentic kits and team logos for licensed teams, Full Name support for FIFPro Licensed players, Second Division teams get promoted and relegated in Season play, 60+ National Teams, Internet Play/Support, Copy Protection, Advanced degree of scalable features for user-end machine optimisation.