Fighting multiple opponents in For Honor

For Honor is the new hit title this week, but many people are finding some aspects of the game frustrating. While movement and combat can be a little clunky at times, one aspect people are struggling with is what to do when faced with more than one opponent. Many simply run away as sprinting is certainly a viable tactic, especially for the faster paced, lighter characters.

However that doesn't have to be the only strategy. Indeed it's perfectly possible to take on more than one enemy all by yourself, but you do need to be fast and patient and that's not always easy when people are wailing swords at your head.

Revenge mode obviously helps a lot, but in the video with Twitch streamer iSkys, we see him take on two opponents at once, dispatch one, only to have them replaced by another, and take down those two in turn.

It's a lesson in patience, knowing your character and how best to exploit the revenge mechanic when it comes in to play. It's an impressive feat and shows that we all have plenty to learn when it comes to For Honor's more advanced play.

Have any of you managed to kill two opponents in the same short battle?

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