First console online RPG !

Phantasy Star Online is the world's first console-based online RPG. This movie clip (mpeg, 15 sec) is from a Japanese commercial for the game, offering a quick glimpse at the game's colorful characters and environments.

Developer Sonic Team
Publisher Sega
Genre Role Play (RPG)
Release Late January 2000

"Sega has been trying to create the most exciting game world for players since the 8bit console Sega Mark 3/Sega Master System was introduced. Events, such as a dragon bursting out of the wall will thrill players when they travel in the Phantasy Star Online world.
The amazing adventure in a realistic 3D world, which Sega has not been able to achieve in the past Phantasy Star series, will be available on Dreamcast, Sega'fs third generation console."

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