First Official Vista SP1 Details

Most PC enthusiasts are waiting for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 to enhance Microsoft's latest Operating System before they jump onto the Vista bandwagon.

Rumors and speculations about new features included in the first Windows Vista Service Pack have been floating around the internet for quite a while. Microsoft has finally decided to describe what we should expect from Vista SP1.

Apparently, the new service pack will offer no new features, but instead, it will focus on improving and enhancing current features as well as bugs fixing. "We no longer rely solely on service packs as the main vehicle used to deploy system fixes and improvements. The Windows Update online service is one new way to deliver many OS improvements", said Core Operating System Division (COSD) Sr. VP Jon DeVaan on the official Windows Vista Blog. " Beyond this, we improve the Windows Vista experience by continuing to work closely with software partners to ensure application compatibility. We likewise align efforts with partners on the hardware side of the business to broaden the range of devices that work with Windows Vista and to constantly improve device driver quality.

Microsoft Hopes to release Windows Vista Service Pack 1 in the first quarter of 2008, but this might change according to development progress.

"In addition to updates we've previously released, SP1 will contain changes focused on addressing specific reliability and performance issues we've identified via customer feedback, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging standards", Jon DeVaan summed it up. "SP1 also makes additional improvements to the IT administration experience. We didn't design SP1 as a vehicle for releasing new features; however, some existing components do gain enhanced functionality in SP1."

For a much more detailed listing of expected Windows Vista Service Pack 1 features, check our downloads tab for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Detailed White Paper.

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