First Revolution In-Game Images

First Revolution In-Game Images First Revolution In-Game Images

Images from the May issue of Game Informer magazine have revealed the first in-game Nintendo Revolution screenshots. The images are of Red Steel, a game published by Ubisoft, which will utilise the capabilities of the new Revolution controller.

Red Steel will see players gun, and sword, their way through hoards of Yakuza enemies in an attempt to rescue their wife from the clutches of organised crime. The game will feature a storyline which will see your expertise improve with time much like your ability to use the new controller should do.

The unique aspects of the game will have to do with the controller as you will point it, as you would a gun, while tilting the controller will also tilt your weapon in-game. As the storyline will take you from the U.S. to Japan, you will also use the controller to control a katana blade which should provide an interesting and novel experience for gamers.

The pleasant surprise for gamers is that Revolution games will certainly look good visually. Provided the images are real in-game shots, as Game Informer suggests, it seems that the quality of the graphics of games will not suffer from the company's so called underpowered hardware and will be a worthy adversary to PS3 and XBox 360. The added benefit of the use of a truly new way of playing games and the cheaper price of both hardware and software may tilt the balance in Nintendo's favor in this round of the console wars.

Nintendo seems to be the company that has learnt the most by the previous generation of consoles. With a very consistent campaign and reliable and sometimes even low key announcements the Japanese gaming giant has gained the respect of the gaming public while their recent DS efforts have indicated exactly how innovation may actually increase the number of people interested in gaming.