Free Demo for FIFA 14 is Out Today

FIFA  14

Football (soccer to those of you across the pond from me) fans get ready, as today sees the launch of the FIFA 14 demo on Xbox 360, PS3 and yes, PC. While it doesn't have all the updated player rosters (since it was finalised before the real world transfer deadline) of the real world, it does come packing almost everything the real version will.

If you're wanting to try it out on the PC, it's already available and can be found in the origin store, though be aware that you'll be one of many until it all calms down in the next few days, so download speed may not be optimal.

While there, you'll also get the chance to pre-order either the base game "standard edition," or the Ultimate Edition. Either way, you get some bonuses for the dream club mode, where you build your dream team in-game.

Buying the standard version nets you four gold FIFA Ultimate Team Packs, along with the Adidas bundle (two x boots, two x balls, al the Adidas all star team), the Pro Booster Pack (five x pro boosts), the Celebrations Pack (unlock three new goal celebrations) and the Historical Club Kits pack (wide selection of team kits from throughout history).

The Standard edition pre-order will set you back $60.

As it stands, the Ultimate edition, which gives you an extra 20 FIFA Gold Team packs, isn't available in the US for pre-order.

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