Friday the 13th's upcoming challenge mode will test your Jason skills

If you think you're pretty good at murdering teens in the backwoods of New Jersey, then the upcoming Challenge Mode for Friday the 13th is going to put you to the test. It will see you face a series of challenges involving the murdering of many teenagers in specific scenarios and now we have our first look at the tutorial mode that will begin to walk you through it.

In this specific scenario released and talked over by Gun Media, Jason is tasked with killing two teens while they fix up their car. The first happens to take a leak in the woods, giving Jason ample opportunity to pick him up and stab him through the heart while impaling him on a tree. The other teen decides he needs to crawl under the car to change a tyre, for some reason, so Jason yanks out the jack and cuts his throat with the wheel.

It's a short and brutal scenario that gives a good look at the kind of gameplay we can expect from more expanded challenge modes. It introduces lookout points too, where Jason can get the lay of the land or a better insight into his potential victims. We also see him earn experience points for his usual actions, which those looking to grind up levels for new Jason kills and counsellor perks will no doubt appreciate.

All in, this challenge mode looks much more like the actual Friday the 13th movies in the way Jason stalks and kills the teens, rather than the often manic chases that occur in the multiplayer portion of the game. We still love that aspect of the game, but it will be interesting to see if challenge mode instils a little more fear-inducing gameplay when they come up against other players.

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