FrontLine Force

Front Line Force is a new mod for Half-Life:

The players are divided into two teams: Attackers and Defenders. The object for the Attackers is to capture various Capture Points spread throughout the map. The object for the Defenders is to defend those points. Once a point is captured by the Attackers it cannot be taken back. The round is over when either the Attackers capture all the Capture Points or when the round time runs out, in which case the Defenders win. After the a team wins, the roles of are switched. If you were previously attacking, you are now defending, and vice versa.

The weapons, player models, and maps are all based on realistic situations, but the damage system and the way the game itself plays is NOT based on realism. Players do NOT die in one or two shots, but rather it takes a few shots from even the strongest gun to kill them, similar to Team Fortress Classic or other traditional multiplayer games. When a player dies, he does NOT sit out the rest of the round like in other games, rather he will respawn after a designated number of seconds has elapsed.

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