FSR 2.0 is coming to Xbox soon

AMD's newly-beloved FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0, which leverages motion vectors for a more accurate dynamic upscaling technique, is being rolled out to Xbox developers, which means FSR 2.0 will soon make its way to Xbox games. That gives it a huge legup on rival technology, DLSS, though there is currently no word of an official PS5 rollout of the technology.

FSR is AMD's clever upscaling and sharpening technology that uses a mixture of frame data and motion vectors to generate an image that appears at a higher resolution, without the need to actually render it there. That makes for high frame rates with greater detail. FSR 1.0 was a little lacklustre with some ugly sharpening artifacts and visual hitches, but FSR 2.0 is much better and closely resembles DLSS in many ways.

With AMD hardware under the hood of both new-gen consoles, it was always more likely we'd see FSR on consoles than DLSS, but the move to bring FSR 2.0 there is huge for AMD. It means we'll see much greater FSR adoption and the technology should advance all the faster for it.

It's probable we'll see it on the PlayStation 5 at some point too, but there's been no announcement from Sony yet.

FSR 2.0 support is gathering apace, too, with over 20 titles now announced supporting it. That's limited, but growing quickly, and shows a greater pace of adoption than the original FSR and DLSS launches. It brings the total number of FSR games to over 100, and though DLSS is on 180 games, it shows AMD is gaining.

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