Full Throttle Remastered is coming in April

Many of the classic LucasArts games of the '90s have been remastered, whether you're talking Monkey Island 1+2, Day of the Tentacle or Grim Fandango, but not all of them have had that treatment. Looking to keep the remaster train rolling through, Tim Shafer's Double Fine has the license and it's willing to use it.

Full Throttle's remaster is coming next month.

The 1995 classic point and click adventure game was originally designed by Schafer and stars Ben, "the leader of a biker gang, who is framed for the murder of a beloved motorcycle manufacturing mogul and seeks to clear his and his gang's names."

The game is replete with silly banter and somewhat confusing puzzle mechanics in the classic point and click style and is much beloved by the old-school adventure crowd, though it is rarely given the same accolades as some of the other LucasArts titles from the era.

Still, it's making a comeback all the same and will do so on GoG, as well as on the PS4 and Vita, though there's no word yet on whether the Xbox One will get a look in.

Featuring hand-drawn and 3D art work, remastered audio and music, the game should feel fresh - though you'll be able to revert it during play as with other LucasArt remasterings.

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