Gaming Wins Goof-Off Championship

Video games beat TV, Internet and movies among Goof-Off activities for guys. A national survey conducted in advance of the March 22 National Goof-Off Day finds that playing video games ranks highest among the ways young men like to goof off and spend their time. The online survey, conducted by Jupiter Research and Nintendo, finds that 39 per cent of men ages 18 to 34 like to play video games to goof off, beating surfing the Internet at 36 per cent, watching TV at 31 per cent and going to the movies at 23 per cent.

The numbers show playing video games surpassed all the most popular forms of entertainment, including TV, movies, music and the Internet, explains George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president, marketing and corporate communications.

Playing video games also beat out other traditional goof-off activities like listening to music (27 per cent), eating (15 per cent), playing golf (11 per cent) and talking on the phone (7 per cent). In the online survey, 2,713 men ages 18 to 34 chose their favorite goof-off activities. Respondents selected up to three of 11 possible choices, or added their own suggestions.

National Goof-Off Day is an appropriately goofy holiday on which observers are reminded to sit back, relax and spend time goofing off.

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