Gears Of War And Prototype Designers Team Up For New Game

Epic lead designer Cliff Bleszinski has revealed that they will unveil a new game at GDC in February 2011.

According to Bleszinski, the new IP (intellectual property) started off as his own idea, but its actual development was led by Prototype lead designer Eric Holmes.

"I believe game designers are the Stan Lees and Jack Kirbys of our day, and we're creating these universes that leave a huge impact on people," Bleszinski said enthusiastically.

"Gamers vote with their dollars and they often like established IP, but those IPs came from somewhere, right?" he mused. "Call of Duty was crafted by the original Medal of Honor guys. Gears of War was crafted by the original Unreal Tournament guy. I look forward to creating what's next."

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