Gears of War Are Gold

Gears of War Are Gold Gears of War Are Gold

Microsoft has announced that development on Gears of War, its XBox 360 exclusive title, has been completed and that the game has gone gold. The game will be available beginning November 7 and across the U.S. on Emergence Day, November 12.

November 12 will also see the beginning of a Marketing Blitz by MS in order to promote Gears of War and also take out some of the sting from the launch of the Wii and PS3 consoles. Xbox Live Gold members will have the chance to compete for 24 hours and win a Gears of War-branded guitar and secure a place in the worldwide Gears of War tournament in 2007 (what no chainsaw-related prize?). Prizes will also be given to players who are lucky enough to be drawn in Microsoft's hourly giveaways during the event.

Fans of the game will also have a chance to battle it out against Megadeth and game designer Cliff Bleszinski on XBox Live. XBox Live Marketplace also has a 720p and 480p version of the new Gears of War TV ad for your viewing pleasure.

Gears of War will retail for USD 59.99.