Gears of War Expanding... To PC

Gears of War Expanding... To PC Gears of War Expanding... To PC

With Gears of War selling well, apparently 1 copy every 3 seconds in its first 56 days, it is understood that everyone will be talking about this game. Now we have stories of new evidence supporting a PC version while MS has announced the first free X360 content for the title.

Users downloading the Guru 3D nVidia Forceware drivers have found mention of Gears of War, suggesting it is evidence of the imminent arrival of a PC version of Epic's blockbuster. The suggestion is that a Halo 2 and Gears of War Vista lineup, would help Microsoft's new OS overcome early criticism from the gaming community. Bill Gates however, did not go so far as to mention a PC version during his CES keynote speech. He did mention however, the new Gears of War content which will soon be available to XBox 360 gamers for free.

The download, available January 10, will offer two new multiplayer maps and a video introduction hosted by Epic's CliffyB. The two new maps will be:

Raven Down
Delta Force must enter the map from multiple access points and seek survivors from a Raven helicopter crash. The action takes place on the streets of a bombed city with car wrecks and destroyed buildings providing ample cover.

Old Bones

Described as a survival horror map, Old Bones takes place in a grand old museum which has been targeted by the Locust Horde in order to eradicate records of man's presence on Sera. Delta Force will need to stop the Horde from succeeding in its mission.