Genital Jousting's valentine update gets even sillier

If you thought the game of penises and butts that is Genital Jousting, was silly enough already, then you probably don't want to play the new valentine's Date Night update, which adds a whole laundry list of tasks and games you can play with the bizarrely detached genitalia.

In this update you can walk your dogs, eat lunch together and even share some spaghetti - lady and the tramp style.

All of the newly added game modes are designed to be two player sequences, as they are intended to be played with a partner. Though we would imagine the list of girls who are willing to play this with their other half is not exactly long.

That said, for those that do have a partner with an equally dirty and silly mind, Genital Jousting's latest update does add some fun little game modes to the experience and shows that Develover Digital is far from done when it comes to developing its bizarre, multiplayer experience.

You can buy Genital Jousting on Steam for just a couple of dollars and at the time of writing it's 50 percent off.

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