Get rid of Internet Explorer

IEradicator is a small, dare I say tiny, 50K ASCII script that uses the Windows setup engine to surgically remove Internet Explorer versions 3 through 5.5 from Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows Millennium.

The removal of Internet Explorer is safe. You can reinstall Internet Explorer if you are one of the 70+% for which IE is the browser that floats your boat. If not, then you can bask in the inner glow of knowing you just secured your PC from all known and unknown, past and future, IE security bugs while claiming back 30+MB of closet space. Isn't it nice to have the choice?

IEradicator is also great for clearing the dross away before upgrading to a newer version of Internet Explorer

In this great new version 3.1 the removal process is elegant with all COM servers politely being asked to de-register themselves from the system registry using their inbuilt deinstallation routines before being eliminated from the hard disk. IEradicator then pulls out the cleaning gear and gives the registry a good polish before returning control back to you. The MS HTML Engine (shdocvw.dll and mshtml.dll) is left on the machine to provide needed functionality for other applications that render HMTL (e.g. Outlook Express) or that launch a mini-browsing window (e.g. Netmeeting's Online Directory). NEW in 3.1: fixed scripting error with Outlook Express v5.5

A great strength of IEradicator is that you can open it in a text editor and see what it is doing.

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