Ghosts of Tshushima can now be harder, or easier, if you want

Everyone has their own way of playing games. Some like to play it on the hardest setting right out of the gate, giving them a serious challenge to occupy their hours with. Others prefer something more sedate, or just don't have the time to grind, so they play on an easier setting to enjoy the story and progression. Ghosts of Tsushima is beloved by all sorts of players, and with the latest patch, it will support the whims of even more. It adds a new Lethal game mode where enemies do even more damage and parry and dodge windows will be even slimmer.

There's also a Lower Intensity Combat setting, making it easier to heal mid-combat, increase enemy detection times so stealth gameplay is more forgiving, and some of the unblockable attacks will be blockable — though some will still get through your guard no matter what you do.

What's especially pleasing about these new additions is that they are interchangeable and usable at the same time. That way you can have the sheer lethality of Lethal mode, but use the low intensity mode at the same time to give you a little more room to breathe during the most intense of combat situations.

As Kotaku explains, this 1.05 patch will also overhaul text in the game, adding four new color options to make it more legible in certain situations and cater more to those with limited color vision. Large text is also possible now too, making it more legible for those who have weaker eyesight than others.

You can download the patch today.

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