GoldenEye Remaster might land this month

GoldenEye Remaster might land this month

The remaster for one of the most iconic games of the N64 era, GoldenEye, could be just a few weeks away from release. The long-awaited re-release of this classic shooter has been longed for by fans for years, but it's finally almost ready, according to the latest rumors, as it's suddenly received achievements on Steam, suggesting its release is imminent.

GoldenEye was a landmark first person shooter game when it released in 1997, introducing unique special effects and fantastic graphics for the time, encouraging a mix of stealth and tactical approach to gunfights, rather than raw firepower and speed, and that lead to future generations of shooters to lean in to the more open-world approach of its levels. It ultimately sold millions of copies, in an era where that was a rare feat.

Today, GoldenEye is still remembered fondly and playable in a number of different ways, but a remaster has always been yearned for and now it looks set to arrive on PC, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch in the weeks to come.

Although it was originally thought set to be announced at the recent Nintendo Direct, it will now reportedly appear at a Microsoft show, as the U.S. company wanted to be the one to announce it. It may be a joint one with Nintendo, which owns the license to the original game, as it will reportedly appear on both current generation consoles from both companies, as well as PC at launch.

Will you be interested in playing through one of gaming's most classic games again?