Good Old Games Summer Sale Begins


You know what gamers love? DRM free games. You know what else gamers love, cheap games. That's why the summer sale over at GoG is right up your street - if you consider yourself a gamer that is.

To kick things off,GoG is giving away the original Torchlight for free - it was a 48 hours sale but we're a little behind here, so you have less than 24 hours now to collect on that deal.

if you're reading this a little while after it's written though, you might be thinking "damn, I missed that one, what's next?" Well the new deals for today, which are likely to run through the next 24 hours aren't free, but they're pretty close.

At the time of writing, you can get Don't Starve at 33% off ($15 reduced to $10). You can pickup the Witcher 2 for just $6 and Signal Ops for $5. In the mood to be scared? Slender the Arrival is just $5 now as well. It's spiritual cousin Miasmata is 75% off and down to $3.74 too.

The GoG Summer sale is ongoing for the next few weeks, ending on July 5th. During that time, there will be over 500 games on sale at discount prices, all of them using #NODRM, just like Good Old Games is Known for. That means if you want to send the install files to your friends, give them access to your account, you can do it all you want.

GoG would probably appreciate it if you didn't though, since it's offering a great service.

Support DRM free gaming with GoG and help show publishers that giving us games without DRM doesn't mean they can't make money.