Google just showed off its own Android console

Amidst all its talk of the handset developments and new forays into vehicle entertainment and navigation systems, Google announced yesterday at its 2014 I/O that it would be releasing a console for the living room, based around its Android operating systems.

Designed to mix it up between a set top box and a low-end gaming system, the Google console will go head to head with Netflix machines like AppleTV, WD Live and a variety of others, as well as the Ouya console which has really dropped off the map in the past year. Unfortunately Google was quite vague about a lot of the machines details, so we don't know what its hardware specs will be, or what kind of games it'll play.

There's also no word on a name, price or release date, but it is coming, this is a real product that will arrive sooner or later.

We do however know that you'll be able to control it using any Android device, so theoretically your smartphone could function as a controller, though getting away from touch screen controls is one reason you might play on a console rather than your phone in the first place.

So we throw it open to you guys. Give us your thoughts. How much will this be? What games will it play? How powerful will it be?

Let us know below.

[Thanks Gizmodo]

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