Google Virtual Reality Headset Is Literally Made Of Cardboard

Competing with the likes Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus,, Google has released Cardboard, a virtual reality headset literally made of cardboard.

According to Google, project Cardboard is "a no-frills enclosure that transforms a phone into a basic VR headset."

Project Cardboard is designed to work as headset enclosure for you Android smartphone which would then act as the headset's screen. You can download Project Cardboard blueprints from its official site, print it on cardboard then cut and fold it into a helmet.

However, before inserting your phone, you'll need some specialized items: namely, two lenses, two magnets, some Velcro, and a rubber band.

Google has also released a special app that enables access to Cardboard versions of Google Earth, YouTube, Street View and other demos.

"Virtual reality has made exciting progress over the past several years," said Google. "However, developing for VR still requires expensive, specialized hardware. Thinking about how to make VR accessible to more people, a group of VR enthusiasts at Google experimented with using a smartphone to drive VR experiences."

"By making it easy and inexpensive to experiment with VR, we hope to encourage developers to build the next generation of immersive digital experiences and make them available to everyone."

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