Group Claims XBox 360 Hacked

Group Claims XBox 360 Hacked Group Claims XBox 360 Hacked

A group of hackers has released evidence demonstrating how they have managed to bypass Microsoft's XBox 360 security protection and play Project Gotham Racing 3 from a back-up copy. The group claims it will not release the detailed information of how they hacked XBox 360.

Throughout last week various posts on the XboxHacker forums had suggested that hackers had found a weakness in the DVD drive firmware of XBox 360 and that they were working on getting copied games to play on it. The new announcement confirms that there has been progress and a video released on shows the console working with a copied DVD and the game running. The creators of the video have been careful to use no editing in order to avoid any claims that they have tampered with the images and the video looks fairly authentic. You should hurry and grab the video from the RapidShare link since it may not last very long.

According to the hackers that have achieved this, the firmware they created capable of booting any properly formatted disk containing matching CR data. Another detail revealed is that this hack ...does not in any way circumvent the region protection, only 1:1 copies of games of the same region as the system work with it.

To read the full release by the hackers follow the download tab above.