GTA Online launch confirms micro-transactions

You remember those cards we talked about last week that would let you spend real money in Grand Theft Auto Online, in order to give yourself extra virtual cash? Well those turned out to be completely real. However, while it's not clear whether they were made after the revelation or if the original leak was wrong, there are a couple of minor changes.

The tweaks come to the pricing, though since this is from a UK source, no word on whether this is the same for those of you across the pond.

The Tiger Shark Cash Card, which rewards $200,000 in-game currency, is now priced 10 pence cheaper than before, at £3.39 ($5.3) while the $500,000 in-game Bull Shark Cash Card has been dropped from just under £7 to £6.75, a drop of around 20 cents.

The smallest of the low, the $100,000 Red Shark Cash Card remains unchanged at £1.99, whilst the big daddy Great White Cash Card also stayed the same, still costing just over £13($21).

While GTA Online has launched today, a couple of weeks after the single player campaign, there are still some features that have yet to be implemented. Heists, one of the single player's biggest components is one of them, as is the Beach Bum pack, which will add another few hundred items to the game - though it's not clear if that will be a paid for DLC pack.

Thanks to Eurogamer for the image.

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