GTFO 1.0 promises major updates as Early Access ends

GTFO 1.0 promises major updates as Early Access ends

Cooperative tactical shooter, GTFO, is nearing its 1.0 release, with a plan to end its Early Access stage of development before the end of 2021. As that date approaches, the developer, 10 Chambers, has promised a number of important updates and quality of life tweaks that will make the game ready for a wider release.

To date, GTFO has received a number of tweaks, rebalances, and expansions through Early Access, including using the Rundown model of releasing new expeditions for players to complete, with tweaks to each as the game is further updated and worked on. That model of releasing new maps and ways for players to explore the Complex.will continue following the 1.0 release, but will be expanded further to include a greater number of expeditions. Over 50 already exist, but that number will increase in the weeks and months to come.

Quality of life updates will include better glass rendering, new third person animations, a communication wheel for quicker and easier chatting with players who aren't on mic, and more realistic weapon movements for a more immersive combat experience.

10 Chambers has warned, however, that when the game launches its Early Access price will no longer be in effect. It's not a huge planned rise though. As it stands, you can grab GTFO for $35, with regular sales putting it at around $25. When it hits 1.0, the price will rise to $40.

I played GTFO during a free weekend around a year ago and it was a lot of fun then. It might be time for me to get back into it. Are any of you veterans of the Complex?