GTX 1180 may run hot -- Founders Edition has dual fans

The next-generation, top of the line graphics card from Nvidia may be a rather toasty beast. Although we don't have raw power-draw numbers just yet, there are some suggestions that it requires a two-slot cooler to run normally. That's not just aftermarket cards either, as Benchlife (via TechPowerUp) suggests that even Nvidia's Founders Edition cards has done away with its classic single fan chiller and has replaced it with a full aluminum heatsink and dual-fan setup.

Nvidia's GTX 1080 was a beautifully efficient graphics card with a TDP of just 180w and that meant a single impeller cooler was perfectly adequate for keeping it chilled. It stood in stark contrast to AMD's Fury X of a year before, which required 275w and the Vega 64 which took things even further, requiring as much as 350w for its water cooled version.

It may be though, that the new Nvidia GPU is somewhere around the 250w mark, as dual coolers suggests it gets rather hot. Not even Nvidia's big chip cards like the GTX 1080 Ti or Titan V needed a dual-cooler design. VideoCardz also spotted an aftermarket Colorful GPU which sports an all-in-one cooler for a next-generation design. That lends further credence to the idea that a GTX 1180/2080 would run rather warm.

As much as this may mean a hotter card than normal though, it should mean big performance. Nvidia has had two years to work on this design between generations, so it should be as efficient as it can be.

If Nvidia has focused on performance instead though, we could be looking at a monstrous new-generation GPU. Here's hoping that in turn pushes AMD to new heights with its next-generation cards which may show up in Q4 this year, or in Q1 2019.

Image sourge: JagatLife

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