H-L 2 Thief Speaks

H-L 2 Thief Speaks

There seem to be many twists and bends in the continuing H-L 2 saga. While Valve claim that only one third of the code was stolen, even after the release of a, barely, playable Half-Life 2 beta version, rumours are starting to spread that a pre-Gold release of the game and its full source code may be released tomorrow. According to HalfLife2.net forums and to a variety of H-L 2 fan sites the thief has spoken and this is what he said about the beta and Valve's response:

To everyone saying this is no Beta: I'd like to point out that THIS is what you wanted Valve to release on 9/30/03, theres no such thing as a much better release in Valves network!
I suggested to Valve to stop lying to their customers about how much was stolen. However, they disregarded my statement and called me a liar. Now they will see how much I have been lying when I release the Pre-Gold and all 100 per cent of the sourcecode. Actions speak louder then words.

Anonymous Leaker

The authenticity of this Anonymous Leaker cannot, of course, be verified until tomorrow and even then, only if the threats materialize.

If this is the real leak and he does carry out his threat then tomorrow could be the day that the final nail is hammered into Valve's and H-L 2's, already pounded, coffin.

Gamers can only hope that he is not for real or that he thinks about the reprecussions of his actions and does not carry out his threat.