Half Life Alpha Available Now

Half Life Alpha

Sorry guys this isn't for the eagerly awaited Episode 3, or Half Life 3, but actually for the original Half Life from way back in the late 90s. Created a year before the game's release in '98, this build contains early representations of some of the game's most famous levels, as well as several tech demos that were ground breaking for the time.

Discovered by a for anyone that wants to own a piece of gaming history. Fortunately however, the owner ripped the contents and made them available online as an .iso, so everyone can appreciate its contents.

Most of it looks pretty simple when compared to contemporary games, but it needs to be remembered that back in 1998, this was ground breaking stuff. Reactive AI, transparent texturing, scripted sequences, as well as other visual improvements like 'realistic' water.

So how about a bit of nostalgia comments for this post guys. What's your first memory of Half Life and did it blow you away?