Half-Life: Alyx Mod Return to Rapture makes Bioshock realer than ever

Rapture still remains one of the most gorgeously stylized video game worlds ever created and despite Bioshock's age, it still looks pretty good too. Now you can explore it in an up close and personal manner like never before thanks to a mod for Half-Life: Alyx, that puts you, the player, right inside Rapture with all of its leaks in tact. There are a few big daddies too, but headcrabs have infested the underwater facility and its your job to clear them out.

Created by self-proclaimed "Master Builder," Wim Buytaert, the creator of the exceedingly popular Half-Life: Alyx addon, The Lose Case, Return to Rapture is one of the most wonderfully realized VR environments yet made, taking you into the heart of the subnautical city with a brand new story to work through, and some unique environments inspired and drawn from the original Bioshock game.

What's most impressive is that there's custom voice work in there, done by a professional voice actor hired for the role. They act as an alternative Altas, guiding Alyx through Rapture and its new, VR-inspired story. There's even a new musical score, as PCgamer highlights.

It's eight maps in total, which, considering they're entirely free on the workshop, is a lot of content with such high production values. If you like what Wim does, you can also download his previous work there too, including the various Lost Case episodes, and Resident Alyx Biohazard, which lets you explore some of the environments from another popular action horror franchise.

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