Half Life: Alyx is set between Half Life and Half Life 2

There's a new Half Life game coming out and in just a few months time too. Half Life: Alyx will be a VR exclusive and is designed as such, with a heavy focus on hand-based interactions and first-person storytelling. It won't be playable with a mouse and keyboard and it will be a Steam exclusive. At least to start with. In terms of advancing the Half Life story, though, it's not quite such an advancement, as it's set between the first and second Half Life games.

While that means this isn't technically the Half Life 3 that many have been waiting patiently more than a decade for, it is a new Half Life game and it will be full length. We're told that it will be around the same length as Half Life 2, suggesting it has around 13-15 hours of gameplay in it. That's if you just burn through the story too, rather than going around checking every nook and cranny, as gamers are want to do.

“Alyx Vance and her father Eli secretly mount the resistance to the brutal occupation of Earth by a mysterious alien race known as The Combine,” the game's description reads. “As Alyx, players take the fight to the Combine to save the future of humanity.”

Valve has made some clever changes to its classic Half Life UI with the new game, adding health bars and other information to some augmentation gloves that Alex wears, meaning that players will need to glance at the back of their hand to get an idea of how they're doing at any one time.

Half Life: Alyx is slated for a March 2020 debut and will be compatible with all PC-based VR headsets.

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