Halo 3 Limited Edition Discs Pre-Scratched

Halo 3 Limited Edition Discs Pre-Scratched Halo 3 Limited Edition Discs Pre-Scratched Halo 3 Limited Edition Discs Pre-Scratched

Some gamers believe that Halo 3 is the most overhyped game ever while others are prepared to shell out $70 for the Limited edition or even $130 for the Legendary.

We don't know about the legendary edition yet, but Halo 3 Limited Edition buyers are in for a bad surprise. The limited (Collectors') edition comes complete with Beastiarum book, an interactive Xbox 360 Disc, a manual and a "sleek metal collector's case" enclosing 2 "awfully scratched/unplayable DVDs".

"A friend just opened 3 copies of Halo 3 Limited Edition and with all three copies both disc were loose inside of the package and scratched to death", said neogaf forum member Hooterville. "This Limited Edition has a piss poor plastic nub and foam pad disc holding design that is a major flaw and the discs pop off with ease."

Unlike the regular Xbox 360 green game boxes, the Halo 3 Limited Edition ships in a black tin box with center hubs too shallow to adequately hold the DVDs in place. Discs escape from their holding hubs and end up scratched up by the very hub that was supposed to keep it in place.

Halo 3 has not been released yet, but major UK catalogue retailer Argos accidentally released some of their final retail copies. The story has been confirmed by several store employees. " I saw a few PAL copies yesterday... Every LE had two loose discs in the box, both badly scratched. The one we tested seemed to play ok but they're getting sent back as faulty anyway. It's not like they could be sold in that condition", an unnamed store employee stated. A British online store declared that they will shake the CE boxes before they send them and any with a loose disk won't be shipped out; but of course there is always the risk during transit.