Halo Infinite will be available on Steam

At a time when so many games are moving from Steam to the Epic Games Store and the now classic online storefront appears to be losing a little of its frontrunner status, it's a surprise to hear that Halo Infinite will be making its way to Steam. As well as debuting on the Xbox Series X later this year, Halo Infinite will be available on Steam.

Since its announcement in 2018, it's been known that Halo Infinite would come to the PC. It was expected to do so in the typical Microsoft Store style — IE: Nobody would buy it and play it. But no, it's coming to Steam, which could mean it'll be a monstrous success in its own right, as well as a killer release on Xbox.

Halo Infinite is designed to hearken back to the original Halo Combat Evolved. This time it's open-world though, letting you explore vast swatches of the ringworld you'll inhabit for most of the game.

Once again Master Chief has to save humanity, and it's through a judicious use of force and plasma explosives that he'll make it happen.

You won't be able to jump back into his grounded boots for another few months yet, but you can Wishlist Halo Infinite on Steam if you want to remind yourself to buy it when it comes.

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