Havok Boasts 29 Titles at E3

Havok Boasts 29 Titles at E3 Havok Boasts 29 Titles at E3

Middleware developer Havok announced that their award winning Game Dynamics Engine will be on display in twenty nine different titles at the annual game industry E3 exposition. A new wave of next generation "dynamics rich" console and PC games will be unveiled at this year's prestigious event, both publicly and behind closed doors. The Havok powered titles at E3 represents the largest number of physics enabled games in the history of the industry.

The implementation of Havok as a core feature in these titles has been generating significant editorial coverage following their announcements, indicating that the inclusion of Havok produces great games and great reviews. Some of the teams and titles featuring Havok at E3 include Digital Extreme's Pariah, EA's Medal Of Honor, Pacific Assault, Ion Storm's Thief 3, Midway's Psi-Ops: Mindgate Conspiracy, Net Devil's Auto Assault, Pandemic's Full Spectrum Warrior and Mercenaries, People Can Fly's Painkiller, Sammy's Darkwatch, Sega's Astro Boy, Sierra Entertainment's Tribes: Vengeance, Valve Software's Half-Life 2 and Volition's Punisher.