HeadHunter to be released

Use your head to defeat your cyber-opponent. HeadHunter works with all major first or third-person shooters, and other action and adventure games - taking them to the next level by translating your head movements into tactical on-screen maneuvers. Together with a USB-compatible PC camera, HeadHunter acts as another input device and lets your head motions determine directional movement - leaving your hands free to change weaponry, engage in combat, adjust strategy and focus on the multitude of commands necessary for battle.

Augment keystrokes or mouse controls with an additional control device… your head.
Dodge fire from the left or break to the right to avoid the onslaught of hostile activity… recognizes your head movements and translates them into actions.
Experience sight, touch and motion… a new dimension that puts your head in the game and enhances the action of your favorite first and third-person shooter titles as well as other action and adventure games.
Easy installation in minutes… combine with any USB PC camera for an exciting new dimension in game play.
Gain a full range of game movements as supported by specific titles…duck, jump, slide to the left or right, turn, peer around corners, change weapons, etc.

HeadHunter will be available this fall for $30.

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