Hear the new Call to power (II)

Hear the new Call to power (II) Hear the new Call to power (II) Hear the new Call to power (II) Hear the new Call to power (II)

Prepare to accept history's greatest challenge: build the world's most powerful empire over a 6,300 year time span, reaching from primitive history to the future realms of science fiction. Take your place beside history's greatest leaders as you master the intricate strategies of governing, warfare, diplomacy, trade and science. Sow the seeds of an empire as you cultivate a tribe of settlers in 4,000 BC. Hear the cheers of approval as you lead your flourishing society into the future of 2,300 AD. Answer the Call to Power.
Command your people by military, economic, scientific and cultural decisions. Manage the growth of your cities, explore new land, and exploit the world's resources as you vie for power.
Built-in scenarios allow you to relive some of the world's greatest battles. A map and scenario editor allow you to build your own historical or fictional situations.
A completely new diplomatic model allows you to offer proposals and negotiate counter-proposals with other empires. React in friendly or hostile tones as you confront distinct opponents with more in-depth AI personalities for even more realism. Utilize all-new diplomatic options such as Borders to help define the geopolitical situation.
New management features allow you to control your empire the way that you want. Manage the labor, production and economic situation in each of your cities, or leave the micromanagement to ministers and advisors while you concentrate on the most pressing affairs of your empire.