Heat Pump Promises Extreme Coolness

Active Cool announced the official launch of its new AC4G-D CPU cooling system, a revolutionary thermo-electric cooling system designed to address the looming processor heat crisis in the PC industry. As PC processors continue to get smaller and faster, CPU heat will remain a significant challenge that will ultimately threaten the reliability and stability of the PC. Active Cool's Thermoelectric based AC4G-D solution has the power to cool the most advanced Intel Pentium 4 processors and the new AMD K8 processors.

In just three years, computer processor speeds have increased from 500 MHz to more than 3 GHz with Terahertz speeds not too far away. As processor speeds continue to increase, so does the amount of heat generated, making it critical to find ways to overcome this problem.
In Comdex 2002, Active Cool introduced the first AC4G Thermoelectric Cooling; at that time it was in PCI Card form factor and cost twice as much then as does the new AC4G-D now. Active Cool's New Thermoelectric Cooling is now released and introduced at CeBIT 2004 trade show.

Active Cool's Microprocessor controlled Thermoelectric Cooling has the potential to be a significant technology and definitely a compelling solution to CPU and other semiconductor heat problems.

The new product AC4G-D -- Microprocessor controlled Thermoelectric Cooling (Peltier) in Drive Bay form factor has high cooling performance and works very quietly.

Conventional air cooling solutions, heat sinks and fans, are near the limits of what they can achieve. Today's alternative solutions, such as liquid cooling and vapor-phase refrigeration are expensive and impractical for PC manufacturers to incorporate into new computers. Active Cool's AC4G-D technology is uniquely designed to solve the problems of CPU heat and fan noise effectively, while being ideally suited for installation during computer assembly.

In addition to the CPU heat problem, computer noise is becoming an increasing concern. While most PC noise tends to be generated from cooling fans, it can be disruptive as excessive computer noise can negatively impact a PC user's office productivity. While traditional cooling methods run fans continuously, causing increased noise as fan speeds increase to maintain stable temperatures, AC4G-D dynamically reduces PC fan noise by pumping heat out of the processor using a Noise Reduction Microprocessor controlled electronic heat pump.

Geared towards the global PC OEM, and white box manufacturing markets, Active Cool's innovative AC4G-D solution addresses both the heat and noise problems.

Active Cool's new AC4G-D product has the following High Tech features:

- Microprocessor-controlled thermo-electric cooling Technology

- Dynamic -- Cooling on Demand according to actual CPU load

- In typical application, cools down to 28 Deg C (tested with 3.2 GHz P4)

- Significantly reduced PC fan noise

- Cools Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz+; cools new AMD 64 processors

- LCD display for temperature monitoring and mode select -- noise/cooling

- Installs in any PC in less than 90 seconds, suitable for PC OEMs

The AC4G-D product will cost Euro 59 (MSRP) compared to liquid cooling solutions that cost from Euro 100 to 175. The price of 59 Euro marks a reduction in price of 50 per cent, compared to the first AC4G that was introduced at Comdex (November) 2002. The AC4G-D will be available for commercial sale by April 2004. The products and technology will be showcased at CeBIT 2004 Trade Show.
Active Cool Technology has four world-wide patents pending (PCT), and one Granted in USA.

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