Hercules Ditching nVidia?

Hercules one of the best known retailers of GeForce3 cards, brand name 3D Prophet III, is not selling them. It is impossible to get a hold of the card from any retail store and Hercules online shop, has an out of stock tag on them.

This would not seem that strange if this wasn't the hottest pc related item out there and if the recent rumours hadn't been around. Those rumours claim that nVidia complained to Hercules for dealing in KyroII based cards as well. Hercules reacted with extreme prejudice and dumped nVidia.

This story has been getting louder and louder the past few days but there remain a few big questions. The first one that comes to mind is: are those people at Hercules CRAZY? What are they doing dumping the hottest card around? Any way you look at it there are only two possible answers.
Either Hercules have found some other card to promote, or the story is full of it...

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