Here come the Hogs of War (ps)

Here come the Hogs of War (ps) Here come the Hogs of War (ps) Here come the Hogs of War (ps)

Hogs of War is a wild turn-based combat game played in a 3-D environment. Join the fight in a fun, furious action game featuring combat savvy pigs battling snout to snout. Plan your attack and make bacon out of your enemies on land, at sea, and in the air.

He who controls the swill controls the universe. It really is that simple. Swine scientists have discovered an untapped supply of swill in the uninhabited archipelago of Saustralasia deep in the South Pigsific Ocean, and every Hog Nation wants the land as its own. Gone are the days of scratching around for drips of swill. Saustralasia's 25 regions are drenched in the stuff. And the only way to ensure that no one else gets their filthy trotters on the delicious swill is WAR. From the rather British Tommy's Trotters and Uncle Hams Hogs from the other side of the pond, to the Sushi Swines and the Sow-A-Krauts, this is a World War like no other: to possess every last drop of swill on the planet.

Release is planned for around Christmas 2000.