Here's 40 minutes of Dawn of War III 3v3 action

Dawn of War III is just days away from release at this point so to get you hyped up enough to perhaps put down some pre-order dollars, Relic Games has released a full 3v3 game video, totalling some 40minutes of action. While the players of various races and heroes brawl it out on one of the game's larger maps, we also have a pair of developers commentating over the action, breaking down what we see,

If you haven't seen much of Dawn of War III so far, it might look familiar to previous games in the series, as indeed it borrows from both DoWII and the original game, but there are also some MOBA elements in there.

Base building is back and the heroes of the second game are there, as well as specific battle "doctrines," which act like special abilities and units which players can utilise.

MOBA inspiration comes in the form of towers and capture points which must be acquired before a base can be taken. While that tends to have divided the community, it plays out rather well in this game at least.

What do you think of the changes Relic has made to the classic RTS formula?

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