Here's how Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade Plays on the PS5

Here's how Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade Plays on the PS5

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade, a fancier, prettier version of of the Final Fantasy VII remake for the PS5, is planned to release in June this year and now we have our first look at how good it looks, and how well it plays. Most of the real-time action of the original Remake will return, but there will be some additional visual and gameplay flourishes to improve upon the experience in some significant ways.

Texture quality improvements are immediately apparent, making everything from the characters to the expansive environments that bit more crisp and realistic. New fog effects help hide some of the rougher edges, whilst also offering a more atmospheric feel to the humid portions of the game, such as the sewer segments and rain soaked streets above.

The biggest visual upgrade though is in lighting. Thanks to the PS5's use of the RDNA2 graphics processor, Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade now supports some real time raytracing and it's gorgeous to behold, adding a whole new element of realism to the experience.

There are also new difficulty modes, a better save and loading system, a photo mode with all sorts of filters and adjustments to help capture Cloud's good side, and there's even a new episode to enjoy, featuring Yuffie.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade will launch on June 10th, with all owners of the original remake getting it free on the PS5, with the option to bring over your save game too.