Here's how you break No Man's Sky's base height limit

Here's how you break No Man's Sky's base height limit

One of the new additions to the revamped and updated No Man's Sky, is the introduction of much more complex base construction. Now you can build whole complexes for all sorts of purposes, from storage, to science, to simply looking cool, but there is one thing holding some gamers back: the height limit.

Fortunately there is a way for you to get around this, so you can build skyscrapers right up and out of the atmosphere if you like. All you need do, is head into the No Man's Sky's files, head into Binaries-Settings-TKGraphicsSettings.mxml.

From there, look for the line "BaseBuildingLimit," and either increase it to a ridiculous number, or set the RemoveBaseBuildingRestrictions value to "true." In either case, you will instantly have no ceiling to your otherworldly creations, which has prompted some to begin attempts to build tunnels from one planet to another. It might take them a while, but it should be theoretically possible.

Practically, we don't know, but it should be doable.

While the walk might take a while, it turns out that planets and the universe of No Man's Sky are actually far smaller than reality. One player found themselves able to traverse the circumference of an entire planet in less than two hours, suggesting it may only take a few hours to get from one to another, even if you were walking.