How Long Would It Take To Finish All Your Steam Games?


We've all got it. A massive back catalogue of uninstalled games. Maybe you bought a few humble bundles along the way, sank your piggy bank savings into one too many Steam sales, or simply added every game you bought to make it easier having everything in one place. Either way, we all own more games now than any other gamers in history have - but that means if we ever sat down to finish them all, it would take a long, long time.

That's what the guys over at PCGamesN found out when they put their Steam ID into the SteamPlayTime calculator, outputting the writer's 180 games into over 2,200 hours of playtime, just to beat them. If he wanted to beat them to completion? 100 per cent those tougher than tough games, he'd need to nearly double that time investment.

While my own collection isn't quite as impressive, at closer to 50 games than 100, it would still take me over 1,000 hours to plough through most of mine. Of course, I've put in a lot of time there anyway. Over 250 hours collected for the Dawn of War II games. 350+ in Mount and Blade and I've yet to have one complete run through of that (or the awesome mod, Prophecy of Pendor).

Then there's 20 hours in each of the Left 4 Dead games, around 30 in Portal 2 and oh my god 170 in Magic the Gathering 2013? I'm glad I haven't bought the sequel yet, I have plenty of games to be getting on with.

Oh man and there's another Steam sale coming soon - probably - I have enough anyway.

So how do your collections come out? Let's see who's dumped the most time (and money) into their digital game collections.

If you didn't spot the link above, the SteamPlayTime calculator is here. You'll need a public profile to use it.