HTC's Vive Pro will increase resolution by nearly 80 percent

HTC has announced a new version of its Vive virtual reality headset called the Vive Pro which will increase the headset's resolution by almost 80 percent, while integrating headphones and other minor changes made to the original Vive headset over the past year and a half. This comes along with an announced wireless adaptor which will allow owners to ditch the PC tethering for more mobile virtual reality in an official capacity.

The original HTC Vive headset's resolution is 2,160 x 1,200 spread across two displays. The Vive Pro will have a combined resolution of 2,880 x 1,600 pixels, making for a much more detailed image, reduced screen door effect and longer distance clarity for objects further away. Along with that upgrade, integrated headphones from the Vive's deluxe audio strap will come as standard, as well as a built-in amplifier for added nuance and power in the audio.

Additional upgrades include dual microphones and dual front-facing cameras for proper augmented reality support and better audio capture from the user.

HTC has remained quiet about the planned release date for the Vive Pro, but said that it will unveil more information soon.

The other big Vive VR announcement was the debut of an official wireless adaptor. While the Vive has third-party upgrades like the TPCast wireless upgrade, this will be an official integration by HTC and will ditch wires for battery operation. The system will still require the lighthouse trackers for tracking, so the tracking area won't improve, but users will no longer get wires wrapped around their feet.

The Vive wireless upgrade is set to be released towards the end of the year.

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